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Reggiana Riduttori Hydraulic Components

Planetary Gears, Helical Units, Wheel Gears and Negative Hydraulic Disc Brakes from RRUSA.

Planetary gears

  • Linear reduction gears
  • Angular reduction gears
  • Reggiana Riduttor Reduction gears
  • Reduction gears with hollow shaft
  • Slew drive reduction gears
  • RR Plus planetary reduction gears

Helical units and Bevel-helical units

  • Helical units for lifting:
  • cranes/bridge cranes, chair lifts, cutting lines
  • Helical units for test bench: two-speed gears, cooling towers
  • Helical units for foundries: ladle turret

Wheel Gears

Reggiana Riduttori / RRUSA wheel gears cover the range from 100 to 11000 daNm. They are ideal for translation control in tracked vehicles (excavators, drilling machines, etc.) requiring reliable hydraulic disk parking brakes of the negative type and compact coupling solutions on axial piston motors and Reggiana Riduttori semi-integrated orbital motors.

  • Wheel gears for tracked vehicles
  • Wheel gears for heavy self-propelled vehicles
  • Wheel gears for vehicles with tires

Negative Disc Brakes

Reggiana Riduttori / RR USA negative hydraulic disk brakes for applications requiring an emergency brake for safety purposes: crane trucks, road vehicles, winches. Modular negative hydraulic disk brakes for applications on reduction gears and a direct version for orbital hydraulic motors available.